Spiritual Reset – NCC Campus Pastors


Concluding our 2016 New Year Series, “Reset,” our National Community Church campus pastors outline what it means to be Spiritually Reset. We had originally planned to give stand alone messages at our respective campuses, but the historic #Snowzilla snow storm caused us to get a back up plan. Turns out we needed it because all roads and public transit were SHUT DOWN for the most part in the DC/Metro area!

Previous messages were on the topics of Emotional Reset, Physical Reset, Financial Reset, and Relational Reset. In this final installment, “Spiritual Reset”, each NCC Campus Pastor shares in a TED Talk styled video venue message. None are longer than 5 minutes and each can stand on its own in quality content. My talk is at about the 27:50 minute mark, for those interested. I briefly teach out of Mark 10:35-40 and James 4:1-3, 7-10. Pastor Joel then concludes the passage with Mark 10:46-52 right after me. Ultimately when we’re all seeking a Spiritual Reset, we’re doing so by asking God to do something for, and hopefully IN us. The cool part is, Jesus beats us to the punch and asks us, “What do you want Me to do for you?” The question is, will we answer Him with the right heart motives?

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