R E V E A L E D: Identity

“Remember WHO you ARE.” -Mufasa from “The Lion King”.  Other than finding life on another planet, one of the most difficult things to determine in our existence is WHO we ARE, that is, our TRUE identity.

Ephesians has a consistent theme of things being REVEALED throughout the whole book.  After careful study and discussion, our National Community Church Campus Pastors narrowed it down to 5 main sub-themes being revealed throughout the book: 1) Identity; 2) The Church; 3) Unity; 4) Truth; and 5) Mission.

In this message, spoken at our NCC: Ballston Regal Cinema location, I unpack 4 major parts within REVEALED Identity from Ephesians 1:9-14.  First, to know WHO we are, we need to seek the pleasure of GOD over our OWN pleasure. Second, to know our identity, we need to acknowledge and EMBRACE the sovereignty of God and that HE purchased us. Third, Our identity is found in FAITH in Christ.  Fourth, God gives us identity for HIS glory, not our own!  When we know WHO’S we are, we will know WHO we are.  I want to encourage all of us to seek Jesus and find our true identity in HIM.

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