After 13+ years of full time pastoral ministry, one starts to develop a more clear set of core values, a set of beliefs that reveal WHO one is as a leader in essence. One of those values that I wrote in my journal in May of 2012 was “Both/And”, which basically can mean a number of things in ministry. For our purposes, I quickly jotted these “both/ands” down: “Faith & Works; Spirit & Truth; Truth in Love and Love in Truth.” There are many more, that’s why when I was given the opportunity to read and write a review of my old youth pastor, Benny Perez’s new book “Both/And: Ministering In Between Life’s Extreme’s”, my heart leapt in my chest, because I have believed in this value for a long time and had just recently developed how to put it into words. Now I don’t need to write a book on it, because Pastor Benny already did ;-).

That said, I recommend Pastor Benny Perez’s book to any minister who wants to see the Spirit of the Living God TRANSFORM the people in his/her church, while at the same time GROUNDING them deeply into a clear understanding of God’s Word. For Church leaders who believe in prayer but also realize the importance of programming, this book is for you. For those who struggle with the tension of marketing and keeping the message pure, this book is for you! If you desire excellence in ministry, but not at the expense of the presence of the Holy Spirit, you need to take in Pastor Benny’s years of experience on this perspective. If you’ve wondered whether your church should be “missional” or “attractional”, you need to read “Both/And“.

Lastly, I believe the Church today MUST be involved in serving the community. It is one of the chief ways we gain the trust of the community and a voice of influence into lives. Pastor Benny teaches the beauty and necessity of serving while NOT eliminating the message of the Gospel from when we do serve. Too many have said it must be either/or, but for the Church it MUST be both/and when it comes to serving and preaching the Gospel!

“Both/And” is not an overwhelming read, but I believe is a necessary read for EVERY Pastor and church leader who wants to have a truly healthy and effective church in the community and world! At 101 pages, it is the quickest, most filling read I’ve taken in since reading “The Practice of the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence.

If you’re interested in acquiring Benny Perez’s book “Both/And” just click HERE. I’ve received no payments or special privileges to recommend Pastor Benny’s book, I simply truly believe in its leadership perspective and can’t encourage leaders to read it enough!

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